Weekly Food Response:
This week I’ve been conducting research among students at Susquehanna. This is for my project for class. In the form of a survey I’ve been asking students several questions pertaining to their health. These questions are along the lines of, what students conceive as “healthy” food and what causes them to form those ideas. I want to know what types of food the student eats regularly, what type of foods they believe are healthy for their body, and the different ways that led them to these conclusions. While having them take this survey I started to think about what my responses would be…so I decided that it would probably be best for my abilities as a researcher and to know more about the topic if I took the survey myself. I’m not sure why I just thought about this. I came to a little of a surprising conclusion. My answers were very similar to what the rest of the SU students answered. I found that on average I keep regular meal schedules throughout the school year, however I am a victim of late night snacking more often than not (I’m going to blame this on being stuck in Abaum until 2am every night.) Unlike the participants I do tend to keep track of their daily caloric intake and do eat many portions of fruits and vegetables. I’m similar to Americans in the sense that I’m probably overly obsessed with consuming protein. If something is advertised as being high in protein, I’m always like, “sign me up for that! so in that sense once again I’m similar to the participants. It was good to know that I want like the average on campus and to see what is healthy about my diet and what I could live without.


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