Weekly Response:
“We produce more than enough food in the U.S. to feed every man, woman and child. In fact, we’ve got such a surplus that we throw away almost half of it. But more than 47 million Americans — including roughly 16 million kids — struggle with hunger. And with budget cuts undermining our food stamp program, aka SNAP, this problem’s only getting worse. Who has the power to change this shameful state of affairs, and how?” (Food Politics). I know that American’s consume a lot of food, not to mention produce tons of it. However, it has never been put into perspective for me how much we truly produce until I read that it is enough to feed every man, woman, and child. There really isn’t an excuse for our country dealing with hunger issues especially with the amount of food that is wasted in this country on a daily basis. For a country that is so advanced in different aspects across a various perspective, this doesn’t make sense to me. I agree with what Marion Nestle states in this blog. It’s the responsibility of Americans to take charge and push for change. Congress is only so many people; Americans have the numbers on their side and can make changes they just need to become active in this social problem, and active in making sure the media portrays this problem as bad as it is and grasps the attention of Americans that don’t know this problem exists.


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