Weekly Food Response:

                This week I decided to try something different. Any free time throughout my day I find myself on Pinterest, pinning pictures of “food porn” nonstop. I usually pin pictures of recipes and food all the time but never follow through and cook them. This week I cooked a tortellini and garden vegetable bake. I was pleasantly surprised when it came out of the oven all in one piece, not to mention that it was actually good. I figured I’m going to have to start cooking for myself on a daily basis since I will be living off campus next year so I might as well start slowly this semester. Although I don’t have time to cook a lot because the semester is coming to an end and my schedule is about to get really busy…but it is something that I want to continue. I felt healthier because I knew what kind of ingredients I had put into the food, the quantity of the ingredients, and I personally knew who cooked the food. After doing this I’m actually excited about being able to be independent of the caf and Benny’s next year and cook my own meals.


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