Weekly Food Response:

                This week has been pretty hectic for me. Usually when I’m running around for hours on end I don’t pay attention to what I eat and this week has been no different. Even though the week doesn’t show any signs of slowing down I want to start to pay attention to what I’m eating again instead of just sitting down and shoveling food in my mouth. I haven’t really been paying attention to the portion sizes of my food or the times I’ve been eating which is strange for me. Since spring break I started something new with my diet and I’ve been trying to only eat between the hours of 10am-6pm and cut out my late night snacking. Since I’ve been doing this I feel a lot healthier especially when I wake up in the morning. For years my diet has consisted of eating really late at night and whatever I could find. At first this transition was hard for me because I would get hungry around 8pm but I realized it was only because that was when I technically wouldn’t “allow” myself to eat, so it was all in my head. I want to try and abide by this because it makes me feel good and healthier than I’ve been in the past. However, I’ll be cheating tonight and going to Rita’s later tonight for free water ice to celebrate the first day of Spring 😛 This week my mom and I also started to think about what we will cook for Easter dinner in a few weeks and came to the conclusion that we should try and cook some healthier alternatives to what we have had in the past.


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