Weekly Response:

“Dietary Supplements: A round-up of bad news” was at the top of Marion Nestle’s Food Politics blog this week. It caught my eye similarly to the blog she had about pomegranate juice a few months ago. Like the pomegranate juice, dietary supplements are something that women in my family have sworn by for years now. There is a big store in the center of my town at home that sells every type of supplement available. I was shocked and how long this blog was and how many negative reports there were. Recent reports have stated that some supplements do more harm than good, some companies don’t report problems to the FDA, and some companies can’t back up health claims. 
“Last year, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued two reports examining health claims on immune support and weight loss supplements, both fast-growing segments of the industry. In its first report, Structure/Function Claims Fail To Meet Federal Requirements, the OIG points to FDA’s limited enforcement authority over such claims. As a result, supplement companies cut corners and ignore requirements for such claims”
This surprised me a lot because I do take some supplements but now I’m curious to find out whether or not they’re doing what they came that they are. This is something that I want to share with my supplement-crazy family.


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