Weekly Food Response:

Over break I felt like I was able to eat extremely healthy. I was pretty much eating food that is grown and not processed. My family eats a lot of salad for meals. Every night we had a salad with some type of meat on the side. That was a little strange for me because I’ve been avoiding meat for most of the semester. My mom and I also went on a shopping spree in the Harry and David and bought a lot of food that might not necessarily be the healthiest. However, I’ve been attempting to stick to portion sizes provided on the foods that I eat so I didn’t feel too guilty about the shopping spree. I’m excited to be back for the remainder of the semester with a fridge fully stocked from Wegmans. I made it a point to go food shopping there before I came back to school and successfully avoided most of the unhealthy foods. I was also able to pick up some organic shampoo and conditioner for my hair. I was in the isle of organic products for so long trying to figure out what everything was and which products to buy. I remembered talking about the true meaning of “organic” in class and it made me want to start using products like that. I was surprised at how expensive everything was and it made me think about how before in class I said that I would not be willing to sacrifice more money to get a better and healthier product. I contradicted myself when I bought the shampoo and conditioner but surprisingly, I think it is something that I’m going to continue doing. 


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