Weekly Food Log:

Since it’s midterm week I’ve basically made the excuse and given myself a free pass to eat whatever I want. Although I probably won’t take full advantage of this free pass it’s nice to be able to let loose. I’m excited to go home on spring break. On the first day of class I remember most people stated that they ate healthier when they were at school and I was one of the very few that thought the opposite. I don’t eat meals regularly at school, I wasn’t eating healthy food or portion sized up until this semester, and sometimes there are days when I’m so busy I forget to eat completely until very late at night. Going home means that I will be eating a lot better and I’m excited for that. I usually eat a lot of grilled chicken and vegetables. One thing from the semester so far that I will take home with me on break and share with my family is what I learned by reading Agrarian Dreams. My mom is a huge advocate for organic food and it’s something that I never hear the end of. Hearing the paradox of organic farming presented by Julie Guthman really surprised me. It will be nice to share the other side that was presented about organic farming with my family. I want to talk about how alot of organic food in California is grown by conventional farmers just to make more money.  I was really surprised that organic crops are often only a small part of their operation. I always pictured organic farms and large portions of land that were strictly growing all organic crops. I don’t think I’m the only person that pictured it this way so it will be nice to share what I’ve learned so far. 

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