Weekly Response:

This week when I was reading Marion Nestle’s Food Politics blog I stumbled upon, Rumor: the White House is holding out for weak calorie labeling. I have to agree with Nestle when she states, “I hope the rumors I’m hearing aren’t true.” The rumors that she is referring to are, “…White House has decided not to allow the FDA to require calorie labels in movie theaters or anywhere else where selling food is not the primary business.” I think that would be a major setback for health in our country. I personally always look at the calorie information posted on the food that I eat. It helps me keep track of what I’m eating and my intake every day. It’s good to be aware of the amount of calories needed every day to maintain the weight you are at or to lose weight. That kind of information should be without a question available to everyone. Everyone knows that in movie theaters the portion sizes are more than just supersized. A small popcorn could last me a week. Since the portions are so large, it would make sense that theaters do not want to have to post calorie information. It would make them look terrible and I’m sure there would be a complete uproar about them cutting back on their portion sizes. Menu labeling in movie theaters as well as fast food restaurants across the country could shock people into making healthier eating choices and changing the unhealthy habits that they’ve developed in the past. 

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