Weekly Response:
When I turned on my TV this afternoon CNN was on and they were talking about the horsemeat scandal. Then, when I searched for Food Politics online there was a blog post titled, the horsemeat scandal–an object lesson in food politics. Most Americans would never under almost all circumstances even consider touching horse meat let alone ingesting it. They can’t imagine living in a country where horses are grown, slaughtered, and eaten. “Since Congress effectively banned horse slaughter in 2006, roughly 140,000 horses a year have been transported to Canada and Mexico to be killed” (Nestle). This scandal started early last month. Samples were taken from 10 of 27 products sourced from three processing plants had tested positive for horse DNA. One of the samples contained 29 percent horse. What surprised me so much about this blog was the fact that it is nearly impossible to determine where this horsemeat came from. The supply chain is so twisted and complicated that by the time the DNA is discovered, there is no way to trace it. This comes back with my fascination of how Americans have nearly no idea where their food comes from. This blog and the articles supporting it encouraged me even more to learn about my food, where it comes from, and to care about what I’m putting in my body.

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