Weekly Food Log:

Learning about the locavore movement that started to occur a few years ago in the United States had me thinking more about farmers markets this week. My area at home has a lot of farmers markets and at times my family buys from them. Up until this point in the course I have thought that I would prefer to walk into Wegmans and grab everything on my grocery list as opposed to going all over the place to grab different items. However, talking more about farmers markets has given me more positive insight and ideas about them. I might go to one around my house during spring break and see what it is like. Also this week I’ve noticed that my diet has really changed since this course started. Instead of snacking on cookies at night or chips I have been eating a lot of celery. I’ve started to make healthier choices and hopefully will get into a habit of this and continue to do so. At the beginning of this course I stated that I eat a lot of pizza. It was definitely something that I ordered all the time, probably not my best decision. I’m really happy that this semester that hasn’t been the case. I feel like I’ve gained more energy throughout the day from eating healthier and I’ve been a lot less tired. I used to nap almost every day if possible last semester and this semester I haven’t had to do that as much. 

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