Weekly Response:

China: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found in Pig Manure by News Desk caught my eye as soon as I scrolled down the internet page. We’ve recently read about what is in the meat that we eat every day and how for one, we don’t really know what’s in it and two, that you can find bacteria in many different types of animals that are then lead to slaughterhouses. “The study, led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, found there is a risk of antibiotic resistance moving into the bacteria that infect humans and make the resulting diseases more difficult to treat.” When I read this in particular I knew that I had made the right decision to at least sustain from eating meat for the remainder of the spring semester here. If this is happening in China, we can be certain that it is happening in the US, and if it hasn’t; it could very possibly start soon. The worst part about these diseases that are found are that they are antibiotic resistant. That means that giving the animals antibiotics is not going to treat them, and they could easily infect humans which would cause an epidemic. We’re not positive how these diseases would affect humans which is a very scary thought.

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