Weekly Food Log:

This week on Monday I ate meat for the first time in four weeks. That’s probably the longest I’ve gone without eating it, and I have to say I felt pretty gross afterwards. That could most likely be due to the fact that it was a burger from Wendy’s not a well-prepared steak. Since I felt a little sick after I decided that it would be best to be a little stricter and see if I could go the entire semester without eating meat. As the halfway point of the semester is approaching, Sociology of Food has me thinking more and more about the food that I’m putting into my body. I’m constantly wondering where the food came from, and I’m also grossed out that there’s almost absolutely no way that I could ever find out. The fact that I’ve most likely never met a person connected to where my food has come from is also appalling. I’ve also found myself snacking on hummus and carrots for snacks lately which is a healthy alternative to the granola bars that my diet revolved around in the past. I’m happy with the choices I’ve made so far and I’m glad to be becoming educated about the food system and how it works. I want to continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle and care more about my daily nutrition and food intake.

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