Weekly Response:

This week Marion Nestle’s post on the Food Politics blog caught my attention right away. The title of this blog was, “USDA proposes rules for ‘competitive’ snack foods.” This means that the USDA announced that they have released proposed rules to help govern the nutritional content and aspect of snacks, beverages, and meals that are sold in schools as competition to the provided school breakfast and lunch. This applies to food sold in vending machines throughout the school and on carts in register lines in cafeterias.  For example, schools will be required to provide potable water without charging students, foods with at least 10% daily value in vitamins, snacks with far less sodium in them, and drinks with 50 calories or less per 8-ounce serving. This made me think back to my high school cafeteria. I had to think hard to remember what it was like because it has sadly been a while since I’ve been in high school. However, I can remember the vending machines all over our cafeteria featuring multiple different types of soda and vitamin waters. There were also snack vending machines not just in the cafeteria but all over the school. Where you would purchase breakfast and lunch was filled with all types of unhealthy food especially in the line to pay. Candy, brownies, and French fries were the easiest things to pick up when you were on the go. My school did try and promote healthy diets but I know there are hundreds of schools throughout the nation that don’t attempt to promote this. It is gross looking back and thinking about what I used to eat for lunch on a daily basis. I think these new rules are a huge improvement, and I hope they gain the support that they deserve.

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