Weekly Response:
The article, Guacamole Sunday: A better name for the Super Bowl, or a crappy marketing campaign? by Susie Cagle caught my eye immediately as the website opened on my computer screen. This caught my eye for one because it talked about the Super Bowl. I’m a big football fan and although my team will not be winning two Super Bowl championships in a row this year, I know I will be watching and cheering just as loud. Second, this caught my eye because lately I’ve been thinking about Super Bowl food. As I find myself browsing online and especially on Pinterest looking at “food porn,” Super Bowl treats and recipes are all over the place this week. Like the POM juice I talked about last week, avocados have been something that all of a sudden has gained much popularity throughout America. Although it seems like this happened overnight to me, apparently the avocado industry has been promoting during Super Bowls since the early 1990’s. Now in 2013, I can’t go into my kitchen at home without finding guacamole or a fresh avocado in the refrigerator. “This year Americans will eat almost 79 million pounds of them in the few weeks before the big game — an eight million pound increase over last year and a 100 percent increase since 2003” (Cagle). I found this number completely shocking. Avocados have become a huge part of many American’s diets. After reading this I know I can say I will be enjoying some guacamole on Super Bowl Sunday, and clearly I know I won’t be alone doing so.

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