Weekly Food Log:

This week in class we started out on Monday by watching various slaughterhouse videos. I can’t say this was on the top of my to-do list for a Monday morning. Nonetheless I found myself staring down at my lap trying to listen to watch. However, the disturbing sounds of animals on their way to their deaths still entered my head. A lot of my friends and family members have viewed and talked about similar videos to these. One of my best friends watched a video and has been a vegetarian for the past three years since. It’s always been something I’ve been curious about but could never stomach actually sitting down and watching. Now, Thursday night four days later I am still thinking about it. I’ve never been a person to thrive on eating beef or pork. I usually eat chicken and occasionally some fish. So far after starting this class and especially after Monday mornings unfortunate video viewings I think I’ve made the decision to stick to strictly chicken and fish. My goal for this will be to last at least the spring semester. I don’t think it will be hard because it’s already part of my natural eating routine. However, I’m a little nervous to learn about chickens and the poultry industry. Hopefully it doesn’t affect me as negatively as the small portion of videos we watched so far because it’s kind of hard to live off of salad only from the caf at Susquehanna.  It’s not something I can say I’m looking forward to but it is something I believe I need to be educated about. I’ve never known where my food has come from in the past and I think it’s time to learn a little about it, no matter how hard it is to stomach.

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