Weekly Response:

            The blog “Food Politics” by Marion Nestle caught my eye quite quickly. The blog post, “Coca-Cola fights obesity? Oh, please” was one in particular that I thought was interesting. In the past year I’ve made an effort to cut soda out of my diet completely and slowly transition to drinking mostly water. Because of this healthier choice this blog gained my attention as I was skimming different blog websites. This blog focused on Coca-Cola’s new video add. This video is two minutes long. The blog states, “[this video] argues that the company is producing lower-calorie products in smaller sizes and promoting community activity, that all calories count, and that it’s up to you to fit Coke into your healthy active lifestyle.” I couldn’t agree more with Marion Nestle in the fact that there if Coke actually wanted to end obesity in America there are so many more practical things they could be doing. Some of these included, stopping the marketing that targets young children, and stop fighting the push toward removing vending machines from schools. I thought the vending machine topic was important. This was because when I was a senior in high school around 2010 I remember when my school slowly started to remove vending machines or replace the soda in them with “healthier” alternatives. There was an uproar from groups of students thinking that it was ridiculous. Learning that the Coca-Cola company has been fighting these attempts when they claim to want to “end obesity” is extremely hypocritical. 

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