Weekly Food Log:

Being enrolled in Sociology of Food has already started to change my ideas about the food I eat. I’ve began to question where my food comes from and what food I’m actually eating. While reading chapter four of Omnivore’s Dilemma I started to realize how much is in the food I eat that I never realized before. Michael Pollan writes, “Then there’s a deep pile of manure on which I stand, in which 534 sleeps. We don’t know much about the hormones in it—where they will end up, or what they might do once they get there—but we do know something about the bacteria, which can find their way from the manure on the ground to his hide and from there into our hamburgers” (81). Just reading this paragraph made me think about the amount of meat I consume, especially hamburgers. I was surprised at myself for not wondering what is in my food before this point. It’s as if most Americans have become accustomed to eating what’s put in front of them and not to question it. I know that I eat a lot of chicken in addition to meat and I’m a little nervous to find out the facts about where it comes from and what is actually in it. As “grossed” out as I feel about some of the food I eat I’m glad I can become educated about it and maybe begin a healthier lifestyle just by becoming curious about what I’m ingesting on a daily basis. 

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